Pension U Kubalu is the ideal place to spend your holiday or spa stay due to its unique location directly in the centre of the town. It is a pension located in an interior apartment building allowing you to enjoy a stay free from street noise whilst on hot summer days the building is pleasantly cool.

Accommodation in our pension is suitable mainly for cyclists (individuals and groups), spa guests and families with older children (4 to 5 people, children ideally from the age of 6). Bicycles for all guests can be parked comfortably in the long passageway leading to the pension, even when the pension is fully occupied. In addition we have been providing accommodation for the customers of the Berta spa (located just 5 minutes on foot from the pension) since 1996 and every room fulfils the requirements of the spa. Of course we welcome anyone who is interested in accommodation in our pension.

Every guest clearly welcomes the pleasant outdoor seating in the courtyard.

Pension U Kubalu – accessible and cheap accommodation in the centre of Trebon